For the Love of Failing

I bought this stencil on Etsy. Cute, right? Well, I realized there are two types of people- ones that are great with a paintbrush and hammer and the other that is great at writing the check to the person that's great with the paintbrush and hammer.

I noticed with having a blog (in this particular community) and owning a home, I'll admit I felt really pressured to dive into a DIY project. Am I alone here? It was the kind of project that will be one that will be loved and will end getting "pinned" multiple times. I know for myself, it was wanting a sense of belonging and believing if I could accomplish one huge task, it'll be a sense of worth (nonsense, right? I think it was the paint thinner that made me think this way).

Welp, I tried it. And failed. Like miserably failed. Not only did I go into it with tinges of wrong intent ("hey, I have some Martha Stewart DNA, too! Look at meeee!"), but I was overly ambitious with it.

The stencils were spotty, I painted out of the lines, and after painting, re-painting, and re-stenciling numerous times, I gave up. As I was covering up the crooked stencils in the laundry room, I felt a sense of achievement. I may not have finished this miraculous project that would gain acceptance from others (or so I foolishly thought), but the success I had for myself was worth it. I didn't feel disappointed, I felt relieved. It's a good reminder to start with the small canvas than the huge wall in front of me. What fun is success unless you don't have some funny failures to go with it, right? {btw, I regret not taking a photo of it. It was so ugly, I think it would have been "pinned" under what not to do!)