Whole30 Update: Why It's No Longer Just 30 Days

I'm in a Whole30 Facebook group and the question is Whole30 a yo-yo diet was brought up. I remember when I began seeing changes in my body at day 15, I had so much anxiety on going back to old diet. It's like the 30 days would cap the only chance I had to change my way of eating and that is another mind game to deal with along with your body telling you sugar is what you need instead of spinach. As soon as I began introducing sugar and gluten in my body, I was shocked at how quickly it wanted to change back. I started up another Whole30, but this time instead of calling it that, I just want to call it "EATING". If I put a number on what I limit myself to eat, at day 31, I'm going back to the donuts and whatever else I think I want. This is the second round of elimination dieting (for those that are curious what Whole30 is, check it out here). The first time was harder, more emotional, and I saw the effects of food on my body, my spirit, and my all well being. Now when I have a bad day, instead of leaning on food to make it better, I deal with it. I never ran away from problems but I sweetened it with pan dulce, or other sweets. Now I'm feeling like a real adult when I deal with my issues. Yes, it sucks but the emotional resolution I have is worth giving up the donuts for. I feel stable, I don't cry as much, I just feel fine

I've been posting my meals on  MyFitnessPal  if you'd like to follow along

I've been posting my meals on MyFitnessPal if you'd like to follow along

If you do whole30, Eat to Live, or any elimination diet, the only thing I can say is yes it's life changing but you can't unlearn bad habits, emotional hurdles, and food issues in 30 days. The majority of friends who have done this for 30 days kept going and made big changes in their lifestyle. This is why yo-yo dieting happens. I chose to eat healthy those 30 days and I'm going to keep choosing to eat healthy. A part of me whines about prepping food, and eating more salads than usual but I don't want to complain about stomach pains, swelling in my joints, hair loss, and inflammation. I also don't want to go through my blog archives and see myself go up and down in weight. It's getting old. You may see the occasional donut now and then but I know I'll be able to enjoy that donut, and not lean on it when I've had a bad day. That's my biggest non-scale victory.