The Riot Grrrl Collection

Before I would spend time online reading blogs, my entertainment was a new shiny zine. There wasn't an etsy to order them from, I would walk a few miles to the local record store (does anyone in Orange County remember Bionic Records? R.I.P.) and swap them with a group of girls from my neighborhood. My fingers would be black from the cheap printing. I was just a girl from the suburbs and this was my adolescent escape besides music. 

When I heard about The Riot Grrrl Collection, I instantly  wanted it in my library. I haven't read a zine in years but the nostalgic inside me wanted to take a peek at it. It was published by The Feminist Press at CUNY, which I had no idea existed even when I took a few classes there.  Maybe it was morning sickness, but flipping through the book and reading the preface written by Kathleen Hanna put a fire in my belly I haven't felt in years. 

The cover font looks a little different than what is advertised, but it's filled with xerox copies of handwritten lyrics, show flyers, essays from the most popular zines from Kill Rock Stars label, art and letters from readers.  If you grew up in the baby doll wearing, sassy magazine reading era of riot grrrl, this is something you need for old time's sake. 

You can purchase The Riot Grrrl Collection here on Amazon or Target