The Nursing Station + Ergobaby Natural Curve Nursing Pillow

I'm so grateful I get the opportunity to work with Ergobaby. Every time I tested out a product, I felt safe with each item and safer knowing Miko was backed up by science and years of research in product.

Today I'm happy to test out the Natural Curve Nursing Pillow. I have a "nursing station", an IKEA Raskog kitchen cart I've been using to hold my essentials during nursing- hand sanitizer, a mini-breast pillow (great when engorged, ouch, and the extra support helps), a clean swaddle, nipple balm, tissue, hand lotion, lactation bars, my Kindle, iPad, headphones, a heating pad, and I had my Spectra pump charging when I took this photo, along with The Pumpin Pal (a MUST if you have a hard time with regular pumps). I take it with me everywhere I'm nursing around the house, along with the pillow that fits right at the bottom. These are my "must-haves" when nursing at home, and the pillow has become one of them. I tried nursing in public for the first time recently and all I could think is how silly I must have looked carrying around a big pillow but I wish I brought it! 

Here's what I loved about the pillow!

  • Holds flanges for pumping like a table! I loved that because I'm hands-free. I couldn't remember the last time I opened up a paperback book and wasn't struggling reading my Kindle. 
  • It really does have a natural curve to fit each body type- Sometimes Scott wears this to help feed Miko. He's tall and lean, and he loves it. 
  • It feels safer. I was gifted some other popular breast feeding pillows and while I could see why they're popular, for me, they were too big. I feel like I have a desk wrapped around my waist and all I need is an old telephone and a stapler with my laptop and I'm set to answer your calls. Miko could easily roll off those if I wasn't careful and the Ergo pillow tucks her away. 
  • It's sleek looking. I hate to admit, I LOVE this feature. It looks good anywhere and it doesn't look out of place, like it belongs only in the nursery.
  • It feels good. It's a little hard at first, but once I started using it, I noticed the pillow got softer. I noticed Miko will just chill on the pillow, and not get as fussy. I can't tell if it's the head placement, the fabric or just the curve part of the pillow, but something about it, she really loves. 
  • It's washable. You can remove the cover and throw in the wash. AMEN. 
  • I have big boobs and with this pillow, I don't have to hold myself to feed Miko. I don't know how to explain it unless you've experienced it, but I can rest easy with it. It's the little things that really help! 
  • You don't need a back pillow. I use one because my nursing chair is so far back, but I don't need it anywhere else I'm sitting. 

What I didn't like!

  • I was still swollen after surgery and I couldn't have this fit. It would either rest on my stomach, but it was awkward and I felt like the pillow was too far from my body. Keep in mind, I was fresh out of surgery with no pain medication and if you barely touched my stomach I would be in pain. I also couldn't fit in my nursing chair, that's how swollen my hips were, too. I only tried it on the chair and couch, but someone told me I should have used it sitting on the bed and I would have better luck. Just a tip if you want to try something else!

That's the only critical feedback I have towards the Ergobaby Pillow! I love this pillow and I've been telling everyone to add it to their baby registry. Buy it here!  

This post was a paid collaboration with Ergobaby. My opinions are mine. Other products mentioned and this blog are not associated, I just really love them. Thanks for your support! 

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