The Co-Sleeper That Helps With More Than Co-Sleeping

As a baby loss mom, I have to be completely honest about motherhood- we are on constant panic mode. That’s not to say a mom who hasn’t experienced baby loss isn’t but there’s a joy stolen from motherhood we’ll never get back and it’s always in the back of our heads. There’s the paranoia you joke about, and there’s the real clinical paranoia that comes with trauma. Unfortunately, I worry about everything, and I mean e v e r y t h i n g. I also want to experience everything, including co-sleeping. I wanted Miko snuggled right next to me but how do I do that without risk? I read about the Dock A Tot, loved the idea behind it, trusted the research and the brand, and from the day I brought Miko home (still feels so unreal to say that), it’s become our most used baby item in the house. 

A quick note- yes, this is a collaborated post with Dock A Tot, but I was a customer before I became a partner. I loved the product so much, I contacted them to praise their co-sleeper. I seriously love this product and I’m so excited to tell you about it!

What I loved about it!

  • What I first loved about it is it’s breathable, meaning when Miko’s face turns and she ends up close to the edge, I won’t have to worry about her breathing. I always check to make sure she’s okay and gently move her face away but I won’t suffocate her.
  • It’s designed to snuggle like a womb. Adding this plus a swaddle- pure gold for the best (4 hours or whatever amount they'll allow you to) sleep ever. 
  • It helps with tummy time. We tried all kinds of special tummy time mats with Miko but nothing was working. Finally, I tried the Dock A Tot and it worked for her! 
Tummy time is saved! 

Tummy time is saved! 

  • It has replaced the crib for now. Just like my treadmill at one point was used for housing laundry when I was pregnant, Miko’s crib is used as a catch-all except the baby. I tried using it and she wasn’t ready for it. We keep coming back to the Dock A Tot
  • It protects from common risks of co-sleeping. I don’t roll over on her because the sides are high enough to protect her. 
  • I just generally feel safe having her in it. I love baby wearing because I feel safe with her close to me, but this is the next best thing. It’s like a little cocoon next to me. It has a handle to carry easily from space to space, and can easily adjust at the ends as baby grows. 
  • Another joy of motherhood is engorgement and realistically, I can't carry her when that happens. I set the sleeper on the table and you can even add a gym by placing the sleeper over the gym to keep them busy. 

What I Didn’t Like About It

I was a little shocked at first at the price but since it’s replaced my crib, some use of the bassinet, and given me peace of mind to sleep better (when I can sleep!) it’s worth every dollar. Miko uses the Deluxe version, for infants. When she grows, I plan on using the Grand for kids even if she's no longer co-sleeping. 

There’s risk in everything we do for our babies, and the times we do take that risk it can be re-assuring knowing there’s something out there that will help parents breathe a little easier at night. I’m a big fan of co-sleeping with the correct safety precautions and Dock A Tot makes me sleep easier at night (when I finally do get sleep!)

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