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As much as I love taking food pics, I know not everyone on my personal Instagram account wants to see them. I made an account (@veggie_bombshell) just for healthy food--from tools I use, before and after pics, the food I eat, what staples are in my fridge and pantry, etc. My main goal on this account was to document Whole30. Now that I'm not doing Whole30, I don't post as often but I'll be doing it more often now that I've cleaned off my table and cleaned my kitchen (ha). 

I asked if there were any questions you had about weight loss, and I should clarify I'm not a doctor, I'm not a therapist, I'm not an expert in any way. I did lose 70 lbs in 6 months before I got pregnant but that doesn't validate my advice because I gained it back after labor. I’m not any stronger when it comes to food, there is no secret. There’s no magical motivational pill, there’s no will power that I was blessed with. I’m seriously just a woman who loves food so much. So much. Every day I try, some days I fail, but ultimately, I keep going, but I'm no different than you. I hope the answers below motivate some of you (and remind me to keep going, too). 

Here are your weight loss questions answered!

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