Shopping With Love

A few weeks ago, when Ashlee and Ashley came home from Liberia, they sent me two gifts intended for Max. When I opened the package, I was in awe at what I saw. Not only the baby shoes (those little shoes kill me), but the cutest elephant backpack (with pockets and adjustable straps!). What was even better was the quality. My mom was a seamstress and my grandpa taught me a thing or two about sewing. I instantly pictured the women who were a part of this, and how this is their craft. I felt like giving these to Max were not only saying Ashlee and Ashley wanted to get him something for him, but wanted to show him a little more than a backpack and shoes. 


If you want to read more, Ashlee wrote the perfect words for it. They have a pop up shop available on Instagram. It's available only for this week and you can read more about that here.  I love local business because they support hard working residents. Amani women may be miles away but I'll happily support them.