September 2014 Favorites

Let's take a look back at favorites for September.

Favorite Instagram feed is theconnoisseurofcute. Elizabeth is a Texan shop owner who finds inspiration in the most unexpected places. I love her taste in curb appeal and I'm envious of her novelty wardrobe. 

Favorite TV show is The Good Wife. In the hundreds of reality TV shows, it's refreshing to find a well written show. It's funny, suspenseful and there's an emotional connection with the characters. My favorite character is Louis Canning. He's the best villain on TV! 

Favorite purchase was Charge Up Introverts. I'll admit I'm not an introvert or extrovert- I'm somewhere in between. That won't stop me from reading any resources that will help me succeed in blogging and relationships. The digi-book is written by Allie Lehman and Claire Deane, two women who have built successful companies from the ground up, all while being a little shy. 

Favorite moment was when Fall came. It's becoming one of my favorite seasons. 

Here's to October 2014! Check out past favorites here.