Plus Size Maternity Favorites

The first time I was pregnant, I spent way too much time and money on maternity clothing. I ended up wasting so much money on “exclusive” maternity jeans every trimester, along with leggings, dresses, and even coats (I was pregnant in the summer, so I don’t even know how to explain that one). I also remember feeling frumpy and uncomfortable despite my new wardrobe. I hated the clothing maternity shops had to offer in my size and I didn’t feel like myself. 

I would like to think the second time around I’m a lot smarter economically and even better at wearing what I want to wear and not feel so trapped by the word “maternity” in clothing. Here are some tips to make the best of your plus size pregnancy

1. Invest in one dress to grow into- I bought this overall dress from ASOS Curve at 6 weeks pregnant and it's adorable with a simple striped tee, or basic tee.  I’m currently 27 weeks pregnant and I still look cute in it, and this will help me grow through the 9 months, including postpartum recovery. It looks great with everything, it’s light and I wear it 3 to 4 times a week! 

2. A chambray dress goes with everything, and with a summer pregnancy, I appreciate the light fabric. This particular brand runs a little large but the 1x fits fine at size 16 with room to grow in. 

3. I love short black dresses but I noticed most of them go really short in the front with the extra belly plus pregnancy boobs growing. I don't want to flash anyone, and this basic black dress is great for that. I like to switch it up with cute skinny belts. I was worried about the XL fitting a plus size but it fits well plus I can grow more into it. 

4. I'm not going to tell you what "chub rub" is but women with chubby thighs know what I'm talking about. Yes, my thighs rub together because they love each other but at the same time they can catch on fire if I don't wear something to prevent chaffing. I got the XL in these shorts, both in black and nude, it smooths out lumps but keeps the baby bump comfortable without squeezing it. 

Other tips for plus size maternity dressing- 

Make your own maternity jeans- yes, it’s possible! I bought cheap black skinny jeans on sale at Old Navy and I followed this tutorial on making them “maternity” friendly. The total cost, plus two hours of sewing it (i’m not a sewer, so it’ll probably be quicker for those that know their way around a machine), was under $25. 

Okay, so get the maternity leggings- By the time you buy cheap leggings to fit into your third trimester, you may as well have spent money on a good pair. My favorite plus size pair are from Motherhood maternity and I’ve grown from a size 14 to a size 16, and I can still get another size in there. 

if you need work clothes, Torrid makes amazing stretchy pants up to size 30. I bought a pair of their black jeans and have used this little gadget to grow into. I’m at my third trimester and have lasted. 


You’ll be wearing some of these maternity clothes for 3 months at a time, depending on how quickly you grow into each trimester. You won’t be wearing them too long anyways. You don’t need a new wardrobe, as tempting as it sounds. As I got to know more and more friends who were pregnant, they wore the same things over and over and made it their own with accessories. Be as comfortable as possible, and if wearing leather pants is what makes you feel amazing or loose sweats are your thing, do whatever is best for you and baby as long as you feel fabulous.