Nicely Worn

I have my “nice” outfits and I have my everyday leggings-and-t shirts-outfits. The days I go out and wear my nicer outfits were few and far between. My husband and I work from home. I’ve been at home more wearing faded black leggings than I am wearing a fitted silk dress and red lipstick (also, that’s a terrible combo in retrospect because have you ever tried getting red lipstick out of silk? It’s my white whale of stains). I would walk by my “nice” things- the finer plates in the kitchen cupboard, the designer dresses in the closet, and the fancy makeup in the (unused) vanity. I was jealous of my own things. The things I owned but didn’t wear because I was waiting. And waiting. 

Moments to use our nice things won’t come as often and when they do, they will probably be a little disappointing. Waiting to wear nice heels only to notice they’re not as comfortable or they don’t make you as tall as you thought they would. Or the dinner party you waited for to use the nice plates aren’t as fabulous because guests didn’t comment on your fancy plates or someone drops a salad plate and your set is no longer a set. 

I have so many “nice” things, I rarely wore them in hopes I will look taller, smarter, thinner, more this, less that, but most likely those promises won’t be met. 

I’m tired of waiting for “nice” moments because right now, this minute is when it’s the moment to celebrate, with no expectation. Don’t wait for “date night” for those heels, a job interview for that dress, a party for those plates. Don’t wait for nice moments. Go to that nice restaurant to celebrate a Tuesday, use those fancy plates for the kids mac and cheese and the peanut butter sandwiches for Mondays. Wear that silk dress to do your laundry, or my personal favorite- wear that expensive lipstick to go running. Yeah, it looks ridiculous but so do the plates collecting dust in the cupboard, or the lonely dress hanging in the back of your closet, or that lipstick shoved in the drawer. Don’t let nice collect dust and time. Nice is right now.

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