Miko's Leia-themed Nursery

Being a parent of child loss, it's hard to put away your kid's things. Even if they never used them, it was meant for them. I made a space for Max and I'm not a sentimental person but there were waves of uninvited grief that came when I was cleaning it out. A friend reminded me it's okay to give your next baby individuality. I don't want this little girl to lose the excitement of her own space because I couldn't let go of what happened before. It's not fair to her and it's something I've been needing to do for some time. 

I wanted to stay with a similar theme. I love the Star Wars story and General Leia is my favorite heroine. She's sassy, rebellious and fights for the good, but she's a great leader. I'm glad I went with the grey and white theme the first time around, it was so much easier changing around small things and keeping the main colors. We framed comic books we already had in our collection for decoration. It looks minimal, and as much as I love the color pink, I wanted a more neutral setting for her. 


Details- Leia Quilt Bedhogshop, white crib Babyletto, Tree-shaped bookshelf Babyletto, galaxy mobile Babyjives, Lightsaber lamp Disney Store, Rey Lego, Rey Build A Bear Costume, Leia Build A Bear, ABC, 123, Leia and AT-T prints from waiwaiartprints, Star Wars nesting dolls, Tie Fighter wooden model