Maybe because I'm hitting 37 this year but I think about the past more so than usualWhat I wish I said, what I wish I didn't do. I'm grateful for the painful moments in my life, how I took those and turned into something bigger, brighter. It took me years to dust off a bad upbringing and I've learned I can change my past, but I can change my outlook (put that on a Pinterest board!) 


I look at Miko and wonder what I did to deserve her. By grace, I have Miko. I don't deserve her, but she's here and instead of trying to prove otherwise, I want to take this grace and do everything positive I can to make her the woman I am not. I've known heartbreak for so long, I almost don't know what to do with it. I'm learning my heart can house joy and pain, and there will be days one takes over the other, and that's okay. 


I'm also learning to be graceful with myself, to look towards the future and to wonder how much bigger this joy can get. Here's to more joy in 2018. 

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