Instagram Photos on Marshmallows; BOOMF

I know I always say 'I'm so excited' in every intro to my blog posts, but really, I am! The same folks that brought you Sticky Gram and Projecteo, bring you Boomf. They cooked up a funny idea to put Instagram photos on marshmallows. It sounds like a novelty, but again, just like they blew me away with Projecteo, I was surprised at how much I love Boomf. 

The marshmallows (marshmellows?) come in a secure box, in foil and individually wrapped and separated to preserve the photos printed on the candy. 

They are surprisingly resilient to touch and especially being shipped from the UK, they came in perfect condition. 

I chose 9 of my images from Instagram, and about a week and a half later, they were at my house. I have a friend getting married this year and I can imagine these would be great for her bridal shower, or a topping on cupcakes, stacked at a baby shower, and I can go on and on! 

And yes, they were tasty! The printed photo doesn't take away from the marshmallow taste! (Also, why in the world aren't marshmallows spelled as marshmallows?? I can't write this post without mentioning it). Get your Boomf 'mallows here!