How To: Find Coupons for Organic Food

Full disclosure: I currently use Amazon Fresh and I haven't used coupons in a few weeks but when I do go to the grocery store, I still use this list.

(even fresh produce like pomegranates can be coupon'ed!)

(even fresh produce like pomegranates can be coupon'ed!)

Yes, coupons for organic food exist. I knew it was possible when I watched Extreme Couponing and the woman who saved $150 at Whole Foods. I began searching online, subscribed to my Sunday local paper, and I was shocked I couldn't find anything. After a few months of constantly looking, I had a whole system I went through every week. I casually mentioned it on a blog post and a reader emailed me asking to post about it. I guess this isn't so much a "how to" but a list and some tips I've learned. 

+ Be Prepared to Have Your Inbox Flooded- Facebook updates from companies will get lost in my feed so I opened up new email account just for coupons. Every week, companies and groceries that carry organic food, even produce, flood my inbox and I get to go through the ones I want to keep. I sign up for newsletters, mailing lists. When I know they're expired, instead of checking each email, I just hit "all" and delete. Here are the list of companies offering organic and/or natural food to sign up for 

+ Follow Coupon Blogs I love Money Saving Mom blog, she has a special section just for organic and natural coupons. I've used them at Target and my local Vons. 

+ Check out Your Farmer's Market- Did you know most farmer's markets offer coupons and deals? Our local Anaheim Farmer's Market offers them through the Downtown Anaheim Association booth, and each farmer's market has one. Just ask! 

+ Keep Asking... If there is a brand I love but they don't offer coupons, I email them and ask and most are willing to send them. Organic coffee, a dairy farm, even a CSA, they thrive and rely on happy customers. Email to ask, not to take advantage of them. If they don't offer any, I hope their day was made with a satisfied customer email. 

+ Don't Give Up on Regular Coupon Offers Every now and then, an organic brand will pop up in the regular coupon section. If you don't want to subscribe to a local newspaper, print them online at Redplum, and SmartSource.  

+ Stock up on printer ink- Most of these companies don't offer digital coupons. Plus it's good to have as a reminder to be ready to print. 

I hope these help, if anything, I've made a reference for myself. Read more of my How To's here

oh and P.S., This isn't a post on how much better organic food is, or an invitation to email me that an apple is better than packaged food, or what monster corporations own what organic food companies, etc. This is simply a list I've compiled that make it a little easier for families that are looking for healthier food options. Thanks for reading!

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