Greedy Wish List: Birthday Edition

I love making wish lists. I can document what I love and go back over the years and see how terrible my tastes were. My birthday is coming up and I'd love to share what I'd love. I can't imagine I'll regret these items below...

1. Sanrio x The Simpsons Oversized Cardigan. I know spring and summer is coming up so the last thing I need is a heavy sweater but it stole all the heart eyes at "limited edition" and "exclusive". I'm a sucker for anything collectible, especially if I can wear it. 

2. Gold Macbook Air. I love my customized Macbook Air, I added higher RAM for faster and better memory, but why don't I have a gold one? The only qualm I have with this is the lack of performance and power it carries like the Macbook. Is it worth downgrading for the gold? Probably not but it is so pretty to look at. 

3. Alexander McQueen Skull scarf in blush. One day, I'd like to have a "signature look" that isn't pajamas or leggings. Scarves seem ageless and something I can use for years to come. 

4. A year subscription to Kawaii Box. This would save me trips to Daiso plus it's a box full of CUTE THINGS. 

5. Inkwell Press journal. I love my Inkwell press planner. The pages are thick, the covers are hard and I know it'll last me for the whole year looking great. If it has the same quality I've known Inkwell to have so far, this journal would be great to have. 

6. After having surgery and months of not walking, I'm slowly gaining control of my walk. I won't be able to wear sneakers or heels for some time, but I can wear comfortable flats and Tieks are the perfect tone of blush to go with everything. 

Happy birthday to me! Follow more likes, and unnecessary wants on Pinterest. 

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