Friday Darlings

Every Friday I have a collection of things I find darling.

+ Have you seen the new items from Society of Motherhood from Fine and Dandy? I love what they stand for- "Ending the judgement, gossip, and mom shaming while promoting the sisterhood of motherhood."

+ There's a breastfeeding emoji coming to Apple June 30.

+ The Death to Stock Photo curated list of inspired quotes to get you going. 

+ 50 years later, Heinz finally says yes to Don Draper's ketchup pitch (TBH, I think about Mad Men at least once a day). 

+ A Clueless comic book! 

+ I love poetry but if you're not a poetry person, here are some books to get you started (my personal favorite is Howl). 

+ Saturday Night Cry-By. Grief and humor don't go together normally but Kristen's genuine, warm and hilarious writings on losing her dad and her sister are touching. You'll do a laugh-cry for sure. 

+ Was Jane Austen poisoned? 

+ Love the details on this dress for Miko but I don't love the price! 

Oh Blogging, Where Art Thou? I really loved this post and made me nostalgic for blogging years ago. 

+ Loving this dress for spring.

+ Friday night pizza night with AIP-friendly calzones! 

Have a great weekend!