Friday Darlings

Every Friday I have a collection of things I find darling.

+ I love the new board from threepotatofour in collaboration with Shop Bando! My mantel has pink now! This lyric is from Ben Howard's Keep Your Head Up, one of my favorite songs from him. 

+ Ashley from MakeupTIA popped in for a visit to California. We had coffee, chatted, took a walk, and she shared her great LA and beach trip on her IG stories- now I'm inspired to get out more. 

+ Torrid has a new Beauty and The Beast line. I'm loving this print on this flattering peplum

+ Read 15 Classic Books in Under a Minute

+ Since the movie is coming out this month, why not? Beauty and The Beast Le Creuset? Okay!

+ Finding Books in The Least Unexpected Places in LA  

+ The conflict between millennials and Gen X'ers. I'm neither, I'm right in the middle and this is an interesting article. 

+ The History of Dream Pop 1983-2017

+ A taco pizza? It's friday pizza night. 

Happy Friday!