Friday Darlings

There is so much good stuff happening online this week, I'm excited to share. 

links collage.jpg

+ Molly from Vividot and is having a 45% off sale. Yes, 45% OFF her jewelry line. I suggest you take advantage of this crazy deal. 

+ I was featured in Melissa's annual Blogger Wish List. I'm so honored I would be included with such a great group of women. 

+ Moore Seal Shop added new jewelry in time of the holidays. I'm in love with these earrings.

+ My favorite Instagram photo this week is showing off my sweater from Hello Apparel, my new Harvey's Seatbelt bag, and my Keds Kate Spade glitter shoes. I'll admit I've been shopping more than I normally would for myself, but my grief therapist literally suggested retail therapy and yes, it's working. It's getting back to "normal" things like interests, hobbies, you know, "normal" stuff, and if a pair of glitter shoes will get me there, by all means, I will do it.