Forever Footprints OC Walk

When I was in the hospital, the nurses kept coming into my room congratulating me after I gave birth to Max, put in the same room as other mom's having their babies, gave me Max for 5 (timed) minutes in a crowded hallway to say goodbye to, and sent me home with a "Congrats New Mom!" swag bag full of newborn goodies. The hospitals have a protocol for sending off healthy babies to their homes, but not many know bedside manner for a grieving mom.

Forever Footprints is an OC based organization I believe in. They help hospitals with the right protocol (like a separate room for stillbirth labors to have a moment with their child),  bringing hot meals to the families, offering counseling, and bringing awareness and light to a dark topic. 

On October 4, my family and close friends are going to walk in honor of Mordecai Maximus La Counte. It will be two days after the one year he died. Celebrating it is a weird way to say it, but remembering him doesn't fit because he's not forgotten. We're honoring him. Whether or not I can walk by this time next month, I'll still be there. I won't be there honoring just my son, but the thousands of other parents who are mourning their babies. 

I feel weird asking for money (none of it goes to me, btw, it all goes to the organization), but today, I am asking. You can donate here. Thank you, friends! 

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