February 2016 Favorites

Let’s take a look back at favorites for February

Favorite album is Wet's Don't You. This isn't an album I would think I would love so much but it's a throwback to 90's all girl R&B but with synth pop and a little folk. There's something tragic in Kelly Zatrua's voice that's reminiscent of The Ronnette's, but backed with something you'd dance to. It's different and as I'm writing this, I have no idea how to describe the album other than it's amazing and I think it's going to be a favorite for a long time. Listen on spotify here. 

Favorite store in Nashville so far is Parnassus Books. I was lucky to hear a panel with founder Karen Hayes earlier this month and why she decided to open a book store at a time when Borders was closing it's business and Barnes and Noble, along with indie book stores were closing. There is a romance about physical books and it's a little section of Nashville that's become one of my favorite places. 

Favorite nail polish is Palate Polish. I've written about this brand before  and my collection is slowly growing. I was limited on what to pack and after getting rid of my acrylics with gel overlay, I needed some major treatment to my damaged nails. Palate is one of the few brands that doesn't have harsh ingredients and I'm using while my cuticles and nail beds are healing. 

Favorite lipstick is Urban Decay x Gwen Stefani's Rock Steady. It looks darker in the tube but it applies a little brighter on my olive fair skin. It's creamy, it doesn't dry out my lips and it doesn't bleed. It's lasted me through breakfast, lunch and dinner and it's not until the end of the day where I may need to brighten but it fades evenly. 

Looking forward to share March favorites with you!

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