Fantastic Mr. Fox Criterion Collection Edition

First, I should explain what The Criterion Collection is. It began back in the 80's when a film company wanted to distribute their favorite movies in the highest quality. When there is the recognizable "C" Criterion logo on a movie, it means it was formatted in the best technical format available. In other words, it's a collectors edition for film nerds. 

Fantastic Mr. Fox was released in 2009, but the collector's edition on Criterion Collection (CC) just came out last week and it was worth the five year wait. I've collected the CC editions of Wes Anderson over the years. Anderson makes great films, but when he remade Roald Dahl's version on film, I think he would make a better children's director. It was adorable, funny, and clean (you know, like not something you'd be embarrassed to watch with your grandparents) but most importantly, it'll hold for decades just like Dahl's story has. The blu-ray comes with a booklet on a brief description on the making of the film, but it's worth purchasing the book published on it. 

oh and I have to honorably mention the new "backdrop"- a new rug purchased from Target. Never trust the color on Target's website, the color is much more vibrant in real life