Editing My Closet

Years ago, I read the book Overdressed and it changed my thinking on shopping. Over time, I was discouraged with shopping indie designers- they didn't have my size, they were expensive, or they didn't have the quality and tailoring skills I was used to with most designers. I don't have time to go to thrift stores and sort through so many racks. Plus, have you read that David Sedaris story where he gets crabs from a thrift store? I grew up on thrifting but it because my family had to, not because I wanted to. The book was intense and I was ready to change! Or so I thought. 

Even after reading such a heart breaking book on the fashion industry, I went back to my old habits. Fast fashion is cheap and shopping is fun! I tried Marie Kondo method, I tried a wardrobe capsule. I tried wardrobe subscriptions. I tried a personal stylist at a department store. I even moved across the country expecting it to force me to minimize my spending. Nothing was working. Then I read The Curated Closet and I suddenly got it. I kept buying clothes because I was searching for a style to label. I went through my punk phase in high school, my preppy Brooks Brothers phase in my 20's, my rockabilly phase, and every personality you can think to come from a woman's closet, I had the clothes for. Once I removed the idea a closet doesn't need a label, getting dressed got easier. 

The book breaks down to figure out what style you love. There are no labels, you can call it whatever you want. I'm a mix of basics mixed bombshell (eg. a low cut wrap dress in every color, yes please). Once I figured that out, I edited my closet. Heavily. I sold on Poshmark and I loved it. It was easier than Instagram, I couldn't keep up with another account. Poshmark is completely separate app, it has millions of users to introduce your closet to, and it takes care of shipping fee's on the sellers side. All I have to do is print, package it and drop it off.

A couple important things to keep in mind when using the app-

Value is different for everyone. Poshmark has an "offer" button, and sometimes I'll get outlandish offers like $10 for a great condition Marc Jacobs wallet. It may be offensive, but value perception is different for everyone. I'm selling some cute Kate Spade silk blouses I paid full price for, but at this point, the value of extra space is more worth to me than having to hold on to them for a better price. So don't look too shocked when you get a crazy offer. You can turn it down or wait for the right buyer. 

Buy secondhand.- Right now I'm toggling in between sizes and instead of buying full price or even searching for a brand new item, I buy secondhand. It saves money, the environment and you support another person who's trying to declutter. Read more details on Katrina's great blog post on the benefits of secondhand. 

Overall I would recommend the book and the app. Together, it can be a powefful combo in your tools to edit your wardrobe. You can shop my closet here.