Disney Bound

There was a woman I saw at the grocery store decked out in all kinds of Disney attire and decorations. I was about 19 and I remember thinking I will never be like this tacky old lady (she was probably 30). Was I jealous of the tenacity she had to rock Minnie ears in the middle of the day at a grocery store? Maybe. Now, I'm 37, living in a pink house visiting Disneyland often and dressing up as Snow White. Life comes at you fast. 

Everyone is "Disneybounding" these days and I wanted to try it. Disneybound is not a new drug shaped with Mickey ears, or skipping to Disneyland as someone sarcastically asked me if that's what it was. No, it's not skipping or drugs, it's what the kids are doing these days to avoid getting kicked out of the park by avoiding wearing costumes, which against dress code for the parks, but wear similar colors. The challenge is to do with with something already in your closet or within your means to make it creative to the original character as possible. I went with Snow White, and Scott went as Goofy. 


Details- The flats are from Sam Edelman. I found the pants on Poshmark but I knew they would fit because they're from Torrid, in the same cut and size I normally wear. The cardigan and tank top I found on Amazon. The purse I had from Harvey's

Scott's Details- Amazon, once again, to the rescue. The jeans and shoes are his own, the long sleeved neon shirt, the vest, the hat were an easy and cheap costume (errr, sorry, Disneybound) to put together. The Seven Dwarves Backpack we used a diaper bag we had previously from Miko's Snow White costume last Halloween. 

I had so much fun putting this together, I'm curious what else I can do next. Maybe ditch the cardigan and go as Winnie The Pooh next. 

Miko was just Miko but she could have easily been Grumpy <3