December 2014 Favorites

Yay! A whole year of favorites! Let's take a look back at December. 

Favorite Instagram feed is simply_walden. Christina has been a favorite blogger for years under the former moniker “city girl rides” about a blog dedicated to female bicyclists in cities. I love her story- she moved from LA to NYC to live the fabulous busy life and during the transition realized it wasn't for her. Her discipline for simple living shows through her instagram posts and it encourages me to let go of STUFF. I think she’s an appropriate favorite for December, right before a new year to purge what holds us back. 

Favorite moment was finishing Whole30. Cutting back on sweets was probably a terrible idea during Christmas but if I could get through that, I feel my other choices from now on will be easier. I learned a lot, let go of sugar as a crutch and feel so much better physically, mentally and emotionally. 

Favorite Christmas gift was my Hello Kitty Instax. Hello Kitty and instant film is my proof (fluffy) dreams come true. 

Favorite TV Show was Black Mirror on Netflix. It’s very Twilight Zone meets X-Files. It’s dark, creepy and just leaves you wondering more of the story. It’s a British show so the “seasons” are short, the only bad part of the show.