Change Your Life, Change Your Blog

I'm so excited to present a new look for my blog! It's simple and minimal and even though my last one had a similar minimal feel, it began to feel really cluttered. I recently have been through some personal changes myself and of course, my blog had to follow. 

I've been working with Sophie for over 5 years on my blog and various projects. I've loved everything she's done. It's hard to work with someone else. After getting to know a person on a professional and personal level during so many projects, it becomes easier each time. Thank you SophieI love the changes I've made through it over the years, let's take a look back!

2010 was my first major makeover. I loved the cartoon me and not much has changed- I still wear glasses, have bangs, dark hair and rock peter pan collars with red lipstick. 

This one was my personal favorite. Each photo in the banner had a link to the tag I wanted. This was when I had red hair...with peter pan collars and red lipstick. 

These were some of my favorite headers. 

This one was great, too. I mean, GLITTER.

Thanks so much for reading through the dozens of different blog designs, they all represent where I was at a different time in my life and I'm so grateful for the support.