Birthday: In Context

I remember reading this article (NSFW) on the truth behind Instagram photos and while it was funny, it reminded us our life can't be judged in snapshots. Brandy, one of my favorite Canadians and bloggers, recently posted on what's the reality behind each snapshot. While I make it very clear my life isn't perfect on my blog, ultimately, people don't know the whole story. I thought I'd have fun with the idea and tell what the reality is behind these shots for my birthday. 

I'm in this weird dress size- not back to my old dress size but I'm swimming in my maternity clothes. It took me four dresses from Nordstrom and Amazon to find one. The day before, Janelle, a friend who doesn't have a Facebook, blog, Twitter, etc (bless you, Janelle) sent me this perfectly matching Betsey Johnson clutch not knowing the color I chose. 

We went to Lemonade for a light lunch. I looked so touristy taking a million shots on my DSLR. 

How meta is it to wear the sunglasses named after you? I'm out of my element here because I'm wearing pink and contacts. I also had no idea how awesome sunglasses were. They hide all the tears while still looking fab. 

Birthday scarf! I was a little bummed the salesgirl at Nordstrom totally dragged this on the way to the counter like a wet towel. 

After walking around Fashion Island, I went home to change. Pink is my favorite color but surprisingly that's the only pink pieces of clothing I own and I was so uncomfortable. I went back home to change and added my Audrey sunglasses before heading to Disney California Adventure. 

We went to Carthay Circle. The sodas were ROSE PETAL sodas. I love roses but not in my drink.

Birthday Disneyland Frap! I'm lactose intolerant so I don't have to tell you what happens behind this photo. 

I came home to a custom birthday cake. I loved it so much, I took a million shots of it and everyone was annoyed at how long I was taking. They don't understand the life of a blogger :P It was so beautiful, I'm devoting a full post to it later. 

Overall my birthday was great.  As I was doing these "in context" photos, I had a hard time finding the negative in them. When I post photos, even if they are styled, there's not much behind them. I see the positivity and beauty in my own real life, I don't think the life I display on my blog or Instagram is that much different. My life isn't perfect, but it's simple and what others would call boring. And that, for me, makes it perfect.