Are Those A Party In Your Pants Or Are You Just Happy To See Me

I’ll have to file this under things I never thought I’d blog about. It’s personal but April 22 will be Earth Day and I’d love to share my part on helping the environment. My first initial response was probably like most female readers- sounds gross! How do I even wash them? Will they leak? How much will it save me? but I promise you, it made my life so much easier and the money saved after investment hasn’t hurt either. Plus, does your pad have UNICORNS on them??

I've been open to reusable pads when I was planning on using reusable diapers for Max. I loved the quality of the diapers and the money saved would have been great compared to disposable. I started using reusable pads when I found out I was allergic to adhesives. I went to my OB because I kept getting rashes. She had me do some blood work and during the checkup, she noticed the rashes were also were the blood work was taken. I told her I always got itchy and red every time my blood was taken and I assumed that was normal (I really did). She told me to ask for hypoallergenic tape, and to stop using disposable pads. I used organic tampons and the rash went away, however, I couldn't always use them because of TSS risk. Organic was getting expensive, and organic or not, I recently found out tampons and pads aren’t sanitized in factory production. Gross. 

After researching for weeks, I decided to buy cotton organic from Party In My Pants. Besides the cheeky name, what I like about it is they are made with nylon backing to prevent leaks, offer extra large pads for overnight, they offer a double snap for extra security made with nickel-free snaps (I'm allergic to nickel), and the quality just seems better than the ones I've tried. I went with cotton because fleece seems so warm, and the last thing I need down there is um, more warmth.

They also offer 20% off for order over $300. It seems like a lot but I ended up saving about $80 and once I got them in the mail, discreetly, I knew I was in for the long haul. I bought tons of liners for changing throughout the day and of course the pads for my period. They are easy to wear, just snap them around your panties. I recommend getting the double snap if you order from PIMP. The water resistant lining on the bottom is awesome because they won't leak, but they will slide on cotton underwear. Get the double snap! I was sent my order without the double snap after I requested it and they were super fast and great about fixing that, offering me free shipping to send it back. I've been using them for a few months and this is what I've learned-

  • Storage- There isn't any. Not having to buy a bulk of disposable pads has saved me SO MUCH space! I don't have to run to the store on emergencies or wonder when I need to purchase more. I store the pads folded flat in a bathroom drawer and grab them as I go. I add a couple in my purse with my wet bags from Shop There is also a makeup bag from Planet Wise that offers a dry and wet option. I've used them on the busiest days when I'm running errands and I simply fold them with the snaps and I throw them in a wet bag just for used ones. 


  • Staining and washing- UPDATE: I was emailed from a rep at PIMP and they asked me to not use Buncha Farmers Stick. Even if it works right away, over time, the natural oils repel the fabric to absorb moisture. It's recommended to only use Oxo-Brite. I just quickly added 1oz to a small spray bottle and I'll be spraying it lightly as needed. Sorry for the confusion! I was worried about this but I've been using Buncha Farmers Natural Stain Stick and I moisten the stick with water and rub it up and down the blood a couple times then I throw them in my large wet bag. I don't have to soak them like some cloth pads, and I was terrified of putting in any time and effort on cloth pads (sounds lazy but true). Once the pads are ready to go in the wash, I add 1 oz of alternative natural bleach Oxo-Brite, it's recommended from PIMP, and made with less harsher chemicals than the name brand. If the wet bag is full, I'll throw them all in (including the bag) in a normal wash. If it's only a few, I throw them in with regular clothes. It won't stain other clothes and I recommend not using fabric softener, it's one less chemical you don't need down there. 


  • Leaks- Nope, they don't leak. Since we're already getting personal, I guess I'm not holding back. I have really heavy periods, like having to change every hour before with reusable products. With Party In My Pants cloth pads, I don't have to change as often and still feel clean because the pads hold more liquid. The pads are made with a water resistant lining on the back, so even if it's extremely full, it still won't leak. 


  • Comfort- Think of cloth pads as wearing regular underwear without feeling a thing. They are so so comfy, they don't bulk up like pads, and I don't have to worry about light liners with tampons. They also don't smell. Since we're getting deep here, I'm just going to say it. Sometimes your period smells and it's uncomfortable. It sounds crazy, but I've never looked forward to my period more than the second time I' used these. I don't feel uncomfortable, it doesn't smell, and I feel cleaner. After about 5 months of use, I'm going to get my investment back. FIVE MONTHS! I'm never going back to disposable. 

Those were my major concerns, I hope that answers your question! You can check out more FAQ about cloth pads here. I'm only endorsing Party In My Pants because I LOVE their products, I'm truly am a customer for life. I know life changing is a strong term and I try to avoid it because it's thrown around like confetti, but trust me, my life has changed for the better and I had to share! I left comments open in case you have any questions. Happy Earth Month!! 


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