Aging, Skincare and Hormones (pt 3)

Part one is here and part 2 is here! I’m glad I started doing this again, it’s nice to go back and see what’s worked for me overtime and what I gave up. My skin has gone through so much changing and catering to my skin care is one of the best things I’ve done. I was in Nashville for a few months in the late winter and there were days that were under 20 degrees and the next day, it was a sunny 70 degrees. The ups and downs of the temperature, plus pregnancy hormones have made me change my whole routine and here are my current favorites. As usual, don’t take my advice, go see your local dermatologist. I'm a licensed cosmetologist but that doesn't make me an expert on your skin, just mine! 

Mario Badescu Facial Spray is my favorite multi-tasker. It sets my makeup, cools my skin during a hot day, preps my skin before my skin care routine. Plus it smells like rose water, if you spray it on your body after a shower, the subtle stays with you throughout the day.

I discovered Youth To The People from Ashley. It’s a natural-skincare based company out of California. She sent me this bottle back in March as a birthday gift and it really is the gift that keeps on giving. A little goes a long way, I’m not even halfway through it! I love how it takes off all my makeup (even my eye makeup) and it’s concentrated. For days when I little bit more moisture, I still go back to Laura Mercier’s cleanser but YTTP has been my daily go-to. 

I loved the YTTP cleanser so much, I wanted to try their serum and moisturizer. They both contain hyaluronic acid with natural ingredients like kale and spinach. Pregnancy brings melasma if you’re not careful, and this has helped fade the few spots I have. It’s not heavy on chemicals so it’s safe for baby, too. 

I was careful about oils because I thought oils= acne. Herbivore makes an amazing product that has tackled my pregnancy acne, my dry skin, preventing wrinkles, and keeping my skin away from dry patches with Lapis. This oil will go bad before I even finish it, I’ve had it since the beginning of the year, i use it twice a day, sometimes three if my hands are dry, and it still looks like it’s never been used. It makes my makeup go on easier and when I want a little bit of glow, I mix my foundation with it. Every person has their one cult product they can’t live without and this is mine. 

I recently switched sunblock to cater to my acne/dry skin and this one from Cover FX sinks into your skin without messing with your moisturizer. 

If you don't get to a spa for monthly facials, invest in a great at-home mask. Herbivore makes Blue Tansy, which contains natural enzymes, it brightens my skin, renews my skin without redness, and so so soft. 

Bonus- Origins Zit Zapper. It won’t dry out my skin, but it will dry out my pimple overnight. La Roche-Posay Anthellos SPF 50 Primer. When I know I’ll be out in the sun a little more, I’ll switch out my regular primer for this primer with extra SPF. 

I’ll be working on an updated makeup soon. Thanks for reading and let me know if you have any questions, I’m happy to gloat about my favorite skin care products. 

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