A Better Rivet and Sway

I'm so excited to be a part of the Rivet and Sway ambassador team! I've tried many glasses companies, and while they offer great styles, Rivet and Sway is my favorite. I've experienced them as a customer and I was equally impressed. This year, they've lowered their prices, and offer new packaging to their at-home try-on. They're also offering a new hard case with the lowered prices, something customers wanted and they listened. The new packaging is so beautiful! I just picked up a pair last month, but when the time comes, I'm excited to check it out. Use code DIANASWAYS for 10% off they're new lowered prices. All photos from Rivet and Sway.

They're also having a sale, you can't use the discount code but you snag a pair of cute glasses for $69. Check them out here

*yes, I get small percentage on sales but my main incentive as an ambassador isn't to make sales, but to simply tell people how much I love the glasses I wear daily. Thanks!