I Love This!

I keep going back and forth on this section. It’s had a few titles over the years (it held Friday Darlings for a few years) but I couldn’t get the right name for it. I could share it on Instagram but I feel like it could be lost and I loved looking back at what I loved. How about 10 Things I Love? No, because they’re not always things, and do I have to wait to have 10 of them? Things I Love? It could be a person, a place, not always things. I tried What I Love, but that just sounded awkward. How about I Love This? Because I do. So here is the first feature on I Love This.


+ We’ve been gardening and I used these seeds from Pressed Juicery. They don’t grow Minnie or Mickey’s, despite what Miko’s imagination will tell you.

+ Kate’s favorite Rom-Com’s

+ I love Lefie. So much! I’m in the process of decluttering my closet (if you saw on IG Stories my embarrassing closet clean out, thanks for sticking around). I tried to Marie Kondo method everything but quickly realized we don’t have the privilege to not keep anything that brings us joy or the problem is everything does bring joy, yikes. I found Lefie while searching minimalist bloggers and I fell in love with her strange but endearing personality. She’s inspiring and leaves me wanting to change my life for the better.

+ Congrats to Mandy for writing for DC!

+ Did you watch Avengers: Endgame yet? If not, DON’T CLICK ON THIS! It’s a story that ruined me, much like the movie (SFW)

+ Why Am I So Lazy?

+ 36 Hours In Anaheim

+ Geeks and Gyms

+ I’m trying to grow discipline in my daily life and I loved this article

+ A free 5 day meal plan from a nutritionist for Trader Joe’s

+ This quote! “Self-esteem is the ability to see yourself as a flawed individual and still hold yourself in high regard”. – Esther Perel

Have a great week!