Word for 2019

We’re on the third month of the year, so what better time to share my word of the year? It’s a little late, but I’d like to think of spring coming up as a time for renewal and starting over instead of the first day of the year.

Last year, I was introduced to Brooke Benjamin through a blogging friend (Hi Dani!) and I was offered a free “word of the year”. I chose Devoted for 2018. I chose that word because I quit my job last year to stay at home and I wanted a daily reminder why I did this. The change was hard to adjust to- financially, emotionally, even mentally, but waking up to that word every day was a reminder of why it didn’t need to feel like a struggle. Now that I’ve been following Brooke for about a year and see all the hard work she puts into her writing, I probably wouldn’t have chosen such a long word, ha!


It had such an effect on me visually having the word in my home, I hired Brooke again for this year’s WOT. I chose the word Move. One of my favorite Bible verses is 1 Kings 19:7, when an angel came to tell Elijah, who was in a state of depression and exhaustion, to get up and eat, drink and move. Elijah ate, drank and kept walking and he finished his journey. I don’t need an angel to tell me to eat and drink but I do want a reminder for self-care. When I’m depressed, tired, or just having a bad day, I tend to paralyze in fear or depression. I can’t move. I feel frozen. I want to reminded to move, to live. I love how the ‘V’ is exaggerated, as if it’s flying, and the ‘M’ look grounded and stable. I need that balance, too.

It’s so beautiful, even the packaging was beautiful. I’m so happy with it. You can check out Brooke’s website and Instagram (and just to clarify, this is not sponsored! I just love it so much and trying to share more).


I didn’t put it in my bedroom this year, I added it to a floating shelf in the dining area, next to the door we pass through to get around the house. I look at it every day. It’s next to one of my favorite photos of Miko’s taken on Instax and a plant sent by my friend Ashley for Galentine’s Day. It’s perfect.

Tell me your WOT!