Miko's Favorite Podcasts!

Podcasts for kids is a hidden parent hack that should be talked about more. It’s free entertainment, screen-free time, builds attention span (not sure if that’s science but I noticed it does with my daughter), and while listening to podcasts I noticed Miko can still do what she wants to do without feeling like she needs to be glued to one spot like the tv or iPad (she paints, draws, plays, etc). It’s also a great way to get them to calm down in the car (again, not science just based on my experience). We’ve tried a few and these are the ones Miko goes back to. Here is a 3 year old’s recommendations!

Noodle Loaf- Dan Saks is a dad and music education specialist. Noodle Loaf is my personal favorite because it’s interactive. It’s encouraged for little listeners to dance, pretend play, and sing.


The Beanies- If your kids love The Wiggles, they will love The Beanies! It’s an Australian award wining trio answering the weird questions kids ask in the best way kids will learn- being silly and fun.


Fierce Girls is a storytelling show about real life women and girls who are inspiring. There’s everything from a professional skateboarder, scientists, sainthood, and writers. I love Miko listening to encouraging stories about independence and doing the right thing. This one could be for kids a little older but Miko does enjoy this one.


Bedtime Explorers was only 40 episodes in short 5-7 minute increments but it’s my favorite podcast to play during bath time and getting ready for bedtime. I’m not sure why this show stopped recording but the stories are sweet enough to play over and over as part of the bedtime or nap time routine.

Worth mentioning for older kiddos-

Ear Snacks! I think this show is too mature for 3 year olds or maybe Miko doesn’t like the format, but for some reason she can’t get into it. I’m hoping in a year or two, she’ll like this. It’s a husband and wife team who involve their kids and tell funny stories with lots of crazy soundeffects and silly music.

Tales From The Lilypad- I was hoping Miko would get into this one, but I think she’s too young for it right now. The stories are fun and magical (cat castles! magical gnomes! polka dots!) Maybe in a year or two!

I hope this post was helpful! Let me know if you have any favorite podcasts your kids love, we are open to discovering new ones.