100 Days Project

"Creativity is a muscle you grow."

I can't remember the exact quote but I was so inspired listening to Elise and Allie on Elise Gets Crafty podcast.

I haven’t stopped thinking about that statement, creativity as a muscle. 

In 2009 Ana and I did a photo project that changed my life, 6,768 Miles Apart (sorry if the search page looks terrible, it's hard to salvage code from 10 years ago), If you know me irl, I throw the words life changing around and I exaggerate but seriously, this was life changing. 

At a time when I was going through changes, adjusting to a new life, mourning a future I had planned and celebrating a marriage, it was the only thing that got me out of the house. Vitamin D, fresh air, the sound of the shutter, the surprise of the film development. Picking up a camera was my self care ten years ago and I’m wondering if it will have the same effect. 

The project begins April 3. I've ordered my film, figured out where to send it to develop it, and picked out my camera. I'm nervous about doing it but I'm ready. The commitment, the possible failing, how bad the photos will be (and yes, they will be awful). I haven't picked up a camera, not including my iPhone and instax in years, and one of my fears is how I'm starting from the beginning again with boring photos of feet. I'll try to reserve those photos for days I'm not able to go out too long. 

Another thing Elise said on her stories on Instagram was if I wanted to get good at something, I need to do it for 100 days. I love that. If that doesn't put a fire in your belly to do something, I don't know what else will. 

The other options I had were GIF making, which I post on tumblr, I would love to get better at this but to make one GIF set, it takes me an hour and I'm not sure if I want to sacrifice that hour to more sitting. The point of this is to challenge myself creatively and moving is a part of the creative process for myself. 

Photography is also the only hobby I have that accumulates stuff. I read books from the library. I buy e-books. I don't cook enough to use anything fancy beyond my stove and I gave up dreams of scrapbooking mainly because I don't have space for it. If I'm going to have a hobby, I want to use all the equipment I have with it. 

I'm nervous, excited and after learning more about the 100 Day Project here and here, I'm ready to get started.