2018 Reading

Oh no! Another round up list on the internet! I don’t talk much these days, and if I do, I may as well share what I love and always come back to- BOOKS! According to Goodreads, I read 51 books, including comics. There are a few books I read that I enjoyed but few will stay with me. Here are the ones I’ve read this year that will stay with me for a long, long time.


+ Severance by Ling Ma This is not the typical zombie book. Yes, sure, it has zombies and a disease that could wipe out the Earth. It also has Candace Chen, a young New Yorker. The book is told through Candace’s experience, her relationship with her mother and through her daily life of work and dating. I loved this book because as a second generation daughter of immigrants, it’s a telling story that even with an apocalypse coming, we don’t want to disappoint our parents. She tries to build herself a successful life but still looking for more. I loved the writing, and especially how realistic a virus can take us all. It wasn’t violent or dramatic, it was quiet, routine and just like real life, we wondered how we got there. I rate this book the full five stars.

+ The Library At Mount Char by Scott Hawkins This is the most weirdest, most horrific book I have ever read. I’ve always said horror books are scarier than movies, your imagination is so much dangerous at story telling than being fed through a screen. It’s weird, twisted, and dark and there were places my own mind wouldn’t even go to. I can’t deny the writing. It’s incredible- I was horrified, I was impressed, I hated it, I loved it. I don’t really know how to categorize this book- horror fantasy sci-fi? There were moments I prayed to God to never remember them but also moments I wondered why I took so long to finally finish the book. I honestly don’t even know what to say about this book, even weeks later, I’m still in shock from it but it’s a book unlike anything I’ve read or seen in a movie and I recommend it to have your mind twisted. I rate this book a big WTF.

+ No Drama Discipline by Daniel J. Siegel I picked up this book after a very frustrated day. I was searching for a book to tell me what was going on with a toddler instead of just telling me what to do. I wanted to know Miko’s behavior to make her life easier. Tantrums are normal but what could I do as a parent to guide those? I don’t want to shame Miko’s emotions, and give her the respect she deserves, even if she is a toddler. Most parenting books didn’t validate this idea, I almost felt crazy. This book answers my questions and gave me advice I wish I would have had in my childhood. I’m able to give Miko a peaceful, respectful, loving, and self-esteem boosting childhood without yelling or even raising my voice, sarcasm, or anything hurtful to her environment. I rate this a big hug.

Some resources that have helped me read a little more-

Bookly app, it documents the minutes you read. Pretty amazing to watch how you spend your time doing what you love!

Libby app, the public library is a plethora of free items from e-books, and this app makes it easy to read more on your phone. You’re on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter anyways, may as scroll through a few paragraphs of your current book, right??

Happy reading friends!