One Year With ErgoBaby

For Miko's first birthday, we quietly celebrated at home, but for her, we took her to Disneyland!  This would be the first for her but a first for us, too. I've been a pass holder for over a decade and I would finally be going as a mom. It was surreal experiencing the different stages of my life and Disneyland being a milestone of it. Breakups, marriage, losses, celebrations, the park was always a few minutes away.

I wanted to give her the full experience, and not worry about strollers. We packed her in the Ergo and I'm pretty sure I was more excited than she was. We used the Omni model, it can easily fit all positions comfortably for both mom and baby. I have so many favorites about this model but for an all day trip, this model hasn't failed me (or my poor back!) I haven't taken care of my body over the years, and with a c-section to add to it, every time I strap this baby on, I can't help but whisper a million thank you's for the chance to carry her. She was also teething around this time, and the Ergo teethers were a great help. 

When she was tired, I quickly switched her on my back with the hood provided, she was able to sleep! When she went on rides, it was a quick in and out, it felt almost a little too easy! I was waiting for the struggle but it never happened. It was such an easy trip for her first time, we ended up getting passes again. 

Thank you again to Ergobaby for the opportunity to carry Miko! This is a paid sponsorship but it's never swayed my opinions on it. 

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