Hello, Omni 360!

When Ergo approached me to try out their new Omni 360 carrier, I was curious. I have three different Ergo models (one I got years ago for Max and two are a gift from Ergo) and this is my absolute favorite model. According to Ergo, the carrier is designed after listening to the most needed and least wanted features from their customers. I think they did a great job listening. It's the most comfortable, most versatile and easiest Ergo model I've tried. We took Miko on a hike and I loved it. Scott used it at the store after and he loved it, too. Most importantly, Miko loved it! There's even an additional pocket, the waist band is more comfortable, and the safety latch has an upgrade with an additional lock, it's a thinner body so baby won't be as warm, and it's easier to put on once it's custom to your body. 

Thank you Ergo for the opportunity to spoil my baby a little more each day! You can pre-order the Omni here. I should also note all photos taken with the depth effect on Apple (it still blows my mind I'm not carrying my Canon around with a 50mm lens) and edited with ABM's Lightroom filters. 

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