Behind Make Yourself At Home Book

When Moorea asked me to be a part of her book, Make Yourself At Home, I said "Yes!" with no hesitation. As the time came closer for the photo shoot, the hesitation creeped in.

I just had a baby with surgery and the pregnancy hormones were gone.

You know, the glowy skin turned dry, the full shiny hair falling out at alarming rates (I used black eyeshadow to cover my bald spot for the shoot 🙈), and I had high amounts of prolactin hormone, meaning the more I breast fed, the more weight I gained (it is not a miracle everyone claims for weight loss).

I've shared my home online for years but in a book?? I'm opening myself up to a new world of critics and unwanted commentary to my home and family. I emailed Moorea with my concerns and she gave me her famous Moorea pep talks.

Ok, ok, deep breaths.

I was excited, nervous but mostly so so grateful to tell a story through my home. One thing I've mentioned many times in this blog is I'm not anyone special but there's a story to tell, and I have to stop denying that. In the book, I open up about Max, food as healing, cosmetology and start-ups (surrounding myself with creative women influenced my own creativity and sorry to say but I was burnt out on academic and public libraries and the politics of it all), and everything in between.

Moorea has a way to bring out the vulnerability in people. No matter how hard I tried to fight it and be as professional as I could, I quickly realized "professional" isn't the conventional way Moorea runs things. I found myself sharing things with her I would normally never tell anyone but because I was so proud of her vision and to be included, it felt like a burden lifted. 

Marissa, the photographer for MYAH, was incredible. They really made a great team and I had a chance to preview the teamwork on this book, I could imagine what the rest of the team looks like coming together. 


What's changed since then? Normally, I would say nothing but with Miko growing, everything has changed. I've added color to my wardrobe. Scott does all the cleaning and cooking now. I've taken down the wall devoted to The Royal Tenenbaums. I'm still the same person but I didn't realize how much of my style was reflected in my grief. There's a lot of healing in my current style, too. I'm thankful for the opportunity for Moorea to bring that out. 


I received a couple questions about the dress I'm wearing. It's from Torrid, and it's one of the few dresses that fit me at the time that wasn't screaming maternity. 

The details they put into the book are beautiful but the gold foiling, and hard cover add a more luxurious detail to own on your bookshelf. You have a chance to win your own copy on my Instagram page! You can get a copy for yourself on Amazon, B&N, and Powell's

Thank you, Moorea for the opportunity to share my home!