Summer 2016 Favorites

Here are favorites of the summer 

+ Getting ready for baby- Nesting is my favorite part of being pregnant. My house is always cleanest, it's feels more creative, and we're so nervous to meet this little girl in a few weeks. 

+ Date Nights- It's not fair to call a married couple with no kids "date night" but that's what Scott and I have been doing. If it's not walks on Main Street in Disneyland, it's at concerts, plays or anywhere we can. It's our official last year as a family of two and it's exciting and scary what will change in our marriage. 

+ Renovations- I had the dark living room painted, our front door painted pink, re-surfaced our front porch and added more paint, and now I want to work on more things before the baby arrives. It's been nice to see it come together. 

+ Reading- I'll go into this more but I gave up marathoning TV for the month of August and I've read so much. Like, wayy more. Okay, I read 8 books so far this month alone and I'm curious what else I'll be reading. 


+ I got to see friends visiting out of town and I got to hang out with Ashley after years of internet friendship. And yes, we visited a Sephora to know it's real. 

+ On my summer playlist- Made in Heights, Wet, and Purity Ring. Basically, the same thing I've been listening to all year long. (Bands link to Spotify) 

+ I became a .com F I N A L L Y ! ! ! After waiting for the domain for 9 years, I finally snagged it when it went on sale. I love .org but did you know one time I made business cards I accidentally typed ".orgy". It was not good for business. Plus I get tons of email from volunteers, and interns asking to work for this "organization" so that won't be as awkward.