We were talking to a Nashville native and asked about what to do around here. They said “Anything you do in California, but we probably have it here too”. My snarky reply was of course, “Do you have a Disneyland in Nashville?” We laughed about it but I was feeling homesick and I missed parts of my every day life I take for granted, like my dog and a couple hours at Disneyland on an emotional hard day. After leaving home for what now my third week, I didn’t realize how much part it helped in my recovery. As soon as I found out I was leaving, I took in as much as I could of my favorite things California could only offer, including the magical park. I took some photos of Toontown, an often forgotten corner of Disneyland. Minnie’s pink house, the over exaggerated architecture, and the details like Goofy’s well, goofy mail box are what made it special. 

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