January 2016 Favorites

Ah yes, favorites are back! And with a fresh start! I think I hated this series for a while because I really didn't have any favorites of much for some time. I was consumed with stress, anxiety and I found no enjoyment in what I used to love. Now, I'm feeling better and I'm excited to share. 

+ Favorite app Okay, so I'm a little biased because I support a lot of ABM, but what I like best about A Color Story, the ABM app, is how convenient it is. I've written about how much I love their Adobe actions and this app reminds me of the usability but for my iPhone edits. It's one click away and I can even save favorite custom filters. Find A Color Story in the app store. 

+ Favorite TV show Ah, Agent Carter is back! This is season two and it's set in LA. Agent Carter is already a very stylish TV show (think early Mad Men plus hot women with guns) but the LA backdrop adds an element of aesthetic to it, and the vivid jewel toned colors and wardrobe to Peggy Carter add more life to the show. Of course I love the story line and the plot but as a visual person, I'm so happy it was renewed for season two.

+ Favorite album Mutemath's Vitals is one an unexpected gem for January. I've been listening to Mutemath for years and after this album was sitting in my library for weeks, I was surprised. It's an updated sound, but I also rate music on the danceability of it, and yes, this one is a dance-y one. There are a couple slow jams on it, but it's been my soundtrack to my office music the past week, non-stop. 

+ Favorite moment We were offered a great opportunity in Nashville. We prayed about it, talked about it, and it felt like God was telling us to give him these next few months to see what amazing things He can do. It's a leap of faith not just for our marriage, but for our livelihood as well. I'm back to work as a creative director working with some great people in the publishing industry and being mentored by them to grow in my career. It's an opportunity I can't pass down and the moment our plane landed, I knew it was the right decision. Hello, Nashville! 

I can't wait to see what favorites February brings

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