Babywearing with Ergobaby!

I was given the opportunity to try the Ergobaby Adapt carrier and I jumped at the chance. I have a few carriers collected for Max, including an Ergobaby. There are tons of studies to benefit babywearing from help with breast feeding, bonding and honestly the idea I can get stuff done around the house with Miko is a big plus. 

I have the Bundle of Joy carrier, but I like the upgrades of the Adapt. I have a small torso but wider hips along with the curse/blessing of a larger chest, small shoulders and small waist. How in the world was this going to be comfortable?? There was no problem in comfort, putting it on with a little help from Scott, and the wider straps helped my back, especially after surgery. I love the carrier but I love the experience the carrier gave me. 

Putting Miko in the carrier was terrifying at first. Baby wearing reminds me a lot of pregnancy, marriage, taxes, responsibility, etc. It sounds scary, but once it happens, it’s the anticipation that’s worse. Once I began wearing her, it was so smooth. I was worried about tripping, about my postpartum pregnancy size (I’m still wearing my maternity leggings, comfortably, oops), I was worried about the baby pressing on my incision, I was worried about crushing her, I was just worried

In the end, after walking a few blocks, enjoying some sun therapy, and the golden hour, the worries went away. Our breaths were in unison, her new skin warmed to mine, and there was a moment where it felt like I did with her a couple weeks ago. Not much changed, but I was carrying her outside instead of inside. 

I only tried baby wearing walking outside, but I’m excited to try it with errands around the house. She’s about to go into her clingy-phase according to her developmental chart, and Ergobaby will be a big help to get to hold her from as early as 6 lbs and on. 

This was a partner post with Ergobaby. Thanks for the support, Ergobaby! 

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