Marvel Monday: Civil War by Stuart Moore

Marvel Cinematic Universe is releasing the highly anticipated Civil War this year, the trilogy to the Captain America series. I’m one of those annoying “I read the book before the movie” people so when I found out there was a novelized version (not just the comic), I had to read it. 

The story is about two superheroes, Iron Man, Tony Stark, and Captain America, Steve Rogers. Tony who wants government support and and a stabilized ID documentation and Steve who wants full control of their personal status. They each have a team of superheroes on their side, some end up betraying their own side, others end up being killed. What I loved about this book is when you take away the superhero part of it, it's a political story. As far as the writing goes, Stuart Moore writes the characters and sticks to their mannerisms the way Marvel has built them for the past few years. I don’t know how to review this book without giving much away but I would recommend it if you’re a fan of the Marvel series, especially with so many movies and tv shows lined up over the next year and Netflix having a contract with Marvel. There are appearances by familiar characters like Daredevil and Spiderman, but this is a great book to introduce the reader to unknown characters. The action is detailed, it reminds me of watching a Marvel movie and there was no gore or anything too horrific, but mentions of blood from fighting and death scenes. 

I don’t think I’ve been this excited for a movie to come out in a long time (yep, even compared to Star Wars, I’m more excited for this), and I know Marvel Cinematic Universe has their own story changed around but I can’t wait to see the comparisons. Even if you’re not a huge reader of the comics, this is a great start to the Marvel world. Buy it here