A Near Death Resilience

Sometimes I wonder why I do half the things I do on my blog, or why I even have a blog. Why do I bother with outfit posts? Why do I bother reviewing a book? Why is my opinion so special I feel I need a whole blog devoted to how I live my life? I keep going back and forth on deleting this blog but something keeps telling me to keep going. Even the doubt in the back of my head that I’m so familiar with is telling me to not post this. It’s also the same voice that tells me to not bother getting out of bed so it’s not a muscle I like to flex by listening to it much. When there’s fear, it’s for good reason. And I hope that fear is a reason is to help someone else out there. I’m not any better than the next person who deals with anxiety and depression but I’d like to think I have a handle on things since I’ve made it this far, so I think I’m doing okay. And I promise you will too. 

This blog is really a testimony. It will tell a new reader that horrible things will happen in life but it’ll be okay. You’ll go outside again, and it’ll inspire you so much it will lead to a series of events that represent hope- You’ll be able to get up and get dressed and you’ll feel so cute you’ll want to share it. You’ll go back to your old hobbies like reading, visiting museums, trying new things, and watching TV, and reconnecting with things you forgot about and loving it so much you decide to share those with the world, too. When something tragic happens, I can't imagine it won't change the person just a little. Some things you thought you loved, you'll be okay letting go. You may not like the things you thought you liked right away, but in the process, you'll find yourself, even if you don't recognize the person, you're worth getting to know all over again.

Be patient, you'll find your happiness

It's not my place to promise you everything in your circumstance will be okay, but I can tell you your circumstances don’t define you. Something terrible happened to you and it’s not who you are, I can promise that.

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