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As much as I love taking food pics, I know not everyone on my personal Instagram account wants to see them. I made an account (@veggie_bombshell) just for healthy food--from tools I use, before and after pics, the food I eat, what staples are in my fridge and pantry, etc. My main goal on this account was to document Whole30. Now that I'm not doing Whole30, I don't post as often but I'll be doing it more often now that I've cleaned off my table and cleaned my kitchen (ha). 

I asked if there were any questions you had about weight loss, and I should clarify I'm not a doctor, I'm not a therapist, I'm not an expert in any way. I did lose 70 lbs in 6 months before I got pregnant but that doesn't validate my advice because I gained it back after labor. I’m not any stronger when it comes to food, there is no secret. There’s no magical motivational pill, there’s no will power that I was blessed with. I’m seriously just a woman who loves food so much. So much. Every day I try, some days I fail, but ultimately, I keep going, but I'm no different than you. I hope the answers below motivate some of you (and remind me to keep going, too). 

jessikasjourney This is incredible 👏 How do you stay motivated? Thanks! When I feel really depressed and just not into it, I just look at my before photos, or look at my loose clothes. I have to look at being fit as a lifestyle, not a diet. I'm a little harsh on myself and say it doesn't matter how I feel, it still needs to get done. Just like I don't feel like doing the dishes or the laundry, it doesn't matter. It needs to be done to reach my goal. It also helps to have accountability. I love Elsie's posts on health and Whole30, and I follow healthy IG'ers who have motivated me. It also helps to befriend someone in the same fitness journey as you. 

akhollygolightly How are you doing it? How much is it? How much have you lost.. You look great.. I'm seriously questioning everything. If you are okay I would love a Pm some stuff I want to keep a little private. It all started with Whole30! You can read more about how I started here. It's a lot of eating at home, which can be difficult, but I've written about what helps here. I also see an acupuncturist for inflammation and allergies and that has helped a lot, too. And yes, you are welcome to email me! :) 

ashlieelizabeth How do you make it last? I've started a million programs. What do you do when you go somewhere (party, amusement park) or did you lay low until you got into the groove? Thank you, you look amazing and I love following both your insta accounts :) As soon as I started seeing results, I kept going with it. I wrote some of what helps here, like not following Pinterest boards, and even skipping commercials when watching TV. I stopped going out as much as I could. It's only for 30 days, is what I kept telling myself. If friends and family wanted to hang out, it was at a different setting like a park, or my house, and I made sure I ate before. And thank you for the support! 

jessee_artschooldropout I'm very curious about your post! Three days ago I found out my knee caps had been "migrating" and all of a sudden it was causing them to swell . It hurts to walk. I'm being forced to stay off my legs and my doctors are suggesting a crash diet to try and get my weight off fast to give my poor legs a break. I already have celiac disease, so I'm at a loss as to what to eat. Your story is very inspiring and I'm so happy you are willing to share it. First, I'm so sorry about your knee caps. It sounds so painful, especially if it hinders your ability to walk. I do go see an acupuncturist and did physical therapy for a few months for pain management and that was such a huge help in getting me on my feet again. I guess this wasn't really a question to be answered but just wanted to let you know you are not alone in your chronic pain. 

linzinator Whoaaaaa! I'd be curious about a day in the life of Diana with a food log and everything. I'm always curious exactly what and how much people who have successfully lost weight do. First, HI LINDSAY! Second, I did use MyFitnessPal to track calories and my Whole30 diet and transition to regular foods. I don't use it anymore because I (shockingly) stopped tracking calories but the archives are there to snoop :) I know it works for most people but for myself, it was something I saw more success in ditching the calorie tracking. I felt like it messed with my head. I also got rid of my scale and I track according to how my clothes fit. Right now, I use Lark and that's a great app, too. I do eat smaller portions, and I don't eat as often. Daily staples in my diet includes hot soups, white rice (brown rice is terrible on my digestion), and shrimp. White rice is great for adrenal glands, something I really need to work on and it's been helping. It's easy and boring, but since my food tastes have changed, it gets easier to make something healthier knowing it's not for indulgence. I don't have breads or sweets in the house anymore unless it's a special occasion. I do go out to eat and it's usually ramen, sushi, and donuts. I eat what I like in moderation, but smaller portions of it. I can't run yet because my ankle is fully healed but I walk, and tone with Pure Barre and pilates. I also drink a ton of hot water. I stopped drinking cold water because I noticed my digestion is really bad (I have a sensitive stomach TMI) but hot water helps so much. It clears my skin, helps with bloat and I carry around a Hydro Flask throughout the day to help keep it hot. It sounds gross especially in summer, but I haven't felt a difference in how I felt in terms of feeling hotter or not. Hope that helps! 

thewellandthelighthouse First, I'm so happy for you! You look amazing and you are glowing. As far as questions, I hope mine don't make you don't regret the generous offer. What you have been able to achieve is so inspiring. Do you count calories, carbs, and/or macros? How many meals do you eat a day? Do you focus more on cardio, weights or both? Thank you, Diana! 💌🙌 Hi and thank you so much! I answered most of that in the previous question. As for the number of meals, I don't have an exact number. I just listen to what my body wants. I used to believe I had to eat 3 meals a day like I did when I was a kid, but I can't force myself to eat lunch if I don't want to, especially if I ate a meal with more protein in it. Some days I'll end up eating every few hours, too. It was hard to tell the difference between cravings and hunger at first, but you know your body more than anyone else. I felt like a palmful of food was going to make people think I was starving myself (lol no) but I listened to what I really wanted and it's so much easier in terms of hunger and worried when I'll eat next. There are also days I end up getting seconds, it really all depends. As for cardio and weights, I really focus on weights. Having a baby changes your body and the weight loss on top of that, I will happily take all the toning I can get. I don't want to get skinny, I still want to keep my hips and big butt, ha :) 

winnieatepooh Congratulations! Your transformation is amazing. I'd love to hear your veggie whole 30 tips as I'm weary to try it and about how hard it would be to get adequate protein. Thanks! Whole30 has a more specified program for vegetarians here. That is the plan i followed. Hope that helps! 

erincash Perfect timing to see this post; on the eve of me giving up tasty cocktails in order to get back to a healthy lifestyle. I guess my question is what does your day to day look like? I feel (just by knowing you through the Internet), that we have a similar outlook on exercise. My goal is to overcome some internal suppressed sadness with healthier choices and more movement- and to be a better leader for my team at work! Hello! I answered some of the questions in the above answers but I will say movement was really hard for me mainly because I literally could not move, ha. Once I started to get pain free from my leg, I started taking walks, as much as my body could take. I also started using this funny looking machine. It looks hilarious but sometimes I was too tired to do a full workout but this was enough to move my body. I can sit in front of the TV, read, even blog. 

thatwinsomegirl Do you have any tips on staying motivated long-term and how you indulge on occasion without returning to old habits? I've been on and off Paleo for the past year or so (currently doing a Whole 30), and my biggest problem is sticking with it long term. Realistically I want to be able to indulge on occasion but I have a hard time with portion control and not making indulgences a regular thing. Your progress is so inspiring! I wrote some answers above, hope those help! Once I was in the cusp of transitioning from old habits becoming new habits, I tried to think eating healthy is the norm for me now. As for indulging without returning to old habits, I think of what Diana Smith said on her Instagram account-  "One bad meal won't ruin your diet, just like one good meal won't get you fit". I'm paraphrasing it (sorry Diana), but I love that quote. It reminds me I can have something I want without any reservations (as long as I wasn't in any elimination dieting). I remember we went to the fair, I had FRIED everything I split with friends (pizza, Oreo's, you name it) and the next day I just made kale soup like it was no big deal. It was a fun day, but I knew it was a one time thing and something I'll look forward to next summer. The kale soup? Not so much, ha. 

I hope these help answer your questions. This was actually fun to do! I'll keep comments open in case there are anything else you'd like to know about. I swear I'm not special or think of myself in any high regard, I'm flattered you want to know about the food I eat. Still boggles my mind! Thanks so much for the support! 

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