Friday Darlings

remember these?? I miss posting these, I'd love to regularly keep up with these again 

Every Friday I have a weekly collection of things I find darling. 

+ I finally decided to get back on tumblr. I couldn't remember my old password and email for my original one, so I started over fresh with a new one. It's a mix of my love for comics, TV, Marvel (mostly MCU), Pietro Maximoff from AOU (I'm a happily married woman but oh my ovaries!! ), Mindy Kaling and music. It's a great place to find new comics, Marvel news, and Netflix's Daredevil gifs, a random corner of the internet I can't find on Pinterest or Instagram (and won't be judged too much).  Follow here.

+ Are you worried about what you should be doing? Me too. This article helped

+ How baseball made (one of my favorite writers) a Haruki Murakami writer.

+ 8 Things Every Person Should Do Before 8am. 

+ 100% THIS

+ The Oral History of the Movie Clueless

+ I watched Xiu Xiu play a few years ago in LA and now they're the perfect band for playing David Lynch's Twin Peaks music. Listen here

+ The perfect reading soundtrack according to Bustle. 

+ Did you become what you always wanted to be

Happy Friday!! 

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