Summer Wishlist: Moorea Seal Shop

Moorea Seal sat in my living room a couple years ago and told me a vision she was building- a brick and mortar shop of her online items. I loved the idea, and I always encourage friends to go for what they want. Little did I know her dream would not only come true, but now she's added a larger space to it, and has even added a bridal section to it. On a personal level, I'm so proud of her. On a consumer level, she has the coolest items I'd love to have in my own space. I've purchased a few items from her and the shipping and packaging are like Christmas. 

1. Dicarlo Hat in gray.  Everyone looks great in hats, you just have to find the best one for you. Wide brim hats are universal and a bonus if they're in a neutral color. This will look great not just in summer but all year. 

2. Gold Scallops Tumbler. This cup would be perfect to display my makeup brushes. 

3. I Can, I Will. I love these notebooks. This is all the motivation I need to fill the blank pages with an "I Did". 

4. Broken Lines Tote. Handmade leather tote with hand painted lines on it. It's a cute bag with a little kitsch and bonus it goes with everything in your closet. Even leopard print, right??

5. Make A Wish Match Box. Lighting a candle, a birthday cake or just lighting a match when yelling at your husband when he doesn't open the window after using the guest bathroom, this cute matchbox is done in style. 

6. Confetti Tape-I would love to use this to add to my daily planner. 

7. Coconut Milk Bath Soak- The directions for this are "inhale deeply and enjoy". Taking a bath should be on everyone's to do list and the world would be a much less stressful place. 

8. White Metallic Confetti Bomb- Are you celebrating a wedding? A promotion? A bad break up? An engagement? For the rest of us, celebrate a Monday morning with a confetti bomb! 

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