Summer 2015 Favorites

Let's take a look back at summer 2015

Favorite Instagram account is @meanzchan. I've been following her for some time and her photos have evolved into beautiful dreamy images. She is a photographer and creative, and I love her portraits of beautiful women. She captures an allure in their faces I would love to see in myself. 

Favorite music Purity Ring Another Eternity. Lately I've been listening to a lot of music that sounds like it belongs in a video game. Lots of electronica and"dream pop"- kind of like electronica meets ethereal dreamy music. Another Eternity is the perfect combination of these. Purity Ring's first album, Shrines, was more of a dance vibe, this is such a great follow up- a little calmer with their signature synth pop. My favorite tracks are "bodyache" and "begin again". 

Favorite book is A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara. I have a stack of books I got for free from BookCon from June and I can't wait to read them (I made the list of the books pictured here) but A Little Life has taken me months to finish. It's one of the most heartbreaking and depressing books I've ever read and of course, I love it so far.

Favorite moment was NYC in June. I went to BookCon and BookExpo, conferences dedicated to BOOKS! I met Mindy Kaling and I walked out with a suitcase full of free books. 

Here's to Fall Favorites!