Swipespeare App + Giveaway

A few months ago my husband made a new app- Swipespeare, inspired for the love of Shakespeare but not many could say the same. Shakespeare to most people is confusing and boring and he wanted to change this. His love of modern technology and Shakespeare made Swipespeare. The app translates both Elizabethan English to modern English to understand Shakespeare, in a simple swipe on a tablet. It's been praised by middle school students to teachers and even loved by Shakespeare professors across the country. Swipespeare has been so popular, it's become one of the first apps to become available on the Apple Watch. Since it's Shakespeare's birthday week, I thought one literary reader would love the full collection of Swipespeare (worth $35). Just enter the Rafflecopter giveaway and one winner will be chosen next week. Whether just reading it for your personal library or a student or teaching it, and you don't wane to wait for the giveaway, download it iTunes, Nook, Windows or Android here for free!