The Art of Discomfort

“Discomforts are only discomforting when they’re an unexpected inconvenience, an unusual annoyance, an unplanned-for irritant. Discomforts are only discomforting when we aren’t used to them. But when we deal with the same discomforts every day, they become expected and part of the routine, and we are no longer afflicted with them the way we were. We forget to think about them like the daily disturbances of going to the bathroom, or brushing our teeth, or listening to noisy street traffic. Give your body the chance to harden, your blood to thicken, and your skin to toughen, and you’ll find that the human body carries with it a weightless wardrobe. When we’re hardy in mind and body, we can select from an array of outfits to comfortably bear most any climate.”- Ken Ilgunas 

Ok, so quote was about living in a van without the comforts of a home but I loved it. I thought of all my discomforts. I stared at my plate of broccoli and reminded myself how uncomfortable it was to eat healthy. All the prepping, all the veggies I had to force myself to eat when eating something sugary or packaged was easier. I thought of my grief, the thorn in my side. It reminds me nothing lasts forever, to keep it real and to never take anything for granted. For the rest of my life I wake up with a sadness and the choice is up to me to decide how to honor that sadness. I live in such a comfortable world and I'm grateful- I have a warm bed, AC, food in my fridge and the discomforts of the body and the heart discipline me and I'm grateful for those too. 

Overall, I really liked Ken Ilugans book, Walden on Wheels. He choose to not live in the comforts of living the typical 9-5 life to pay off debt like the rest of his classmates. What attracts to me to minimalist lifestyle is the freedom of STUFF. He wrote about living in a van, but the first half of the book he writes about his adventure living in the mountains, and what drove him to live like Thoreau. I loved his writing and while he chose this way of living, he also recognized living in poverty was a choice, unlike some of the people he met on his journey.  He wasn't boastful, he was humble, and he recognized this. I would never do anything like he did, but it takes me a step closer to live with less. 

Bookish LifeDiana