Introduction: Allison Lehman of Death to Stock Photo

I use stock photos on the blog regularly. I don't have the means (time, money, equipment) to go out and shoot as much as I'd like. The problem I had was lifestyle stock photography was generic and it didn't fit my aesthetic. I need just one photo to represent what I'm writing, and even then it was hard to find ONE. Until a year ago. Allie Lehman, a fellow blogger, launched Death To Stock Photo with David Sherry. They're both successful in what they do- designers, writers, photographers and now business partners. They had the genius idea to share their elegant photography with comrades in the design industry. They're fastidious with the photos they choose, and it's one of the fastest (and most beautiful) growing companies I've seen this year. Allie is a boss lady and I wanted to pick her brain on DTSP. 

+ Why did you and David want to start DTSP?

We both love to collaborate and we always have a million ideas (hint: we're even thinking of starting a second business together). We had a lot of extra photos sitting around in our Dropbox and figured we could start distributing these photos to our friends who design, develop and blog. It grew from there!

+ What are the benefits of having a premium account over the free account?

The premium account costs $10/month. You have access to all our old photo packs that were emailed out since we first launched. Right now, if you sign up for the free photo subscription, we email 10 free photos at the beginning of each month but you wouldn't get access to past packs.

We also include an extra pack of 20 photos if you're a premium member. A percentage of your membership fee also goes towards funding an artist/photographer of our choice. It's our way of giving back...and letting you give back!

+ What is your most popular download?

Pretty much any photo of coffee gets downloaded and used more than anything else.

+ You just launched a new program to sponsor photographers for DTSP. Tell me about that.

Yes that's my favorite part! We were already doing this well before we made it official. We love helping out others and removing those creative barriers. We would meet photographers who wanted to take that dream trip or buy a camera to help grow their business and we could financially support them. In February, we decided to announce it officially. Now it all goes full circle so if you're a premium get photos from those you're supporting.

+ Lots of bloggers and companies use DTSP. When did you know you were getting big? What’s been the biggest company that used your work? 

I think the moment I finally felt like we were growing was when I saw that Pinterest and Mediafire were using our photography in their emails and on their homepage. Donald Miller has used one of our funded photographers' photos on a book cover. Fast Company, Medium and Entrepreneur use them too. It's fun to see business or professional email accounts signing up for our services.

When Allie isn't busy running Death to Stock Photo with David, she runs a design company, The Wonder Jam, with her husband Adam. Read her blog, her tweets and follow her insta's. Thanks for your time, Allie! 

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